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As per information to us a consignment was sent to KOZIKODE on 5th AUG 19 and the said consignment did not receive the consignee. Tracking system failed to show the location. When contacted from 11 th 14 th AUG B D kept on promising that the same will be delivered. Only on 14th AUG ( 7 pm ) when matter took serious turn as the consignment had some valuables and rakhis they admitted in VILE PARLE office that the consignment is completely damaged. No one informed the consignor or contacted. They in fact contacted the consignee on 15 th AUG and tried to deliver the damaged consignment which the consignee refused. Some of the goods were found missing which noted form the video shown to the consignor in the parle office on 14th AUG 19. A complaint has been registered with BLU DART for damages and updates will be made here on information. Please be careful with your valuables in courier services as they do not take responsibility and do not inform the damages. They charge Rs 750 to 1500 for 2 kg consignment and yet do not take responsibility. Beware..... The complaint is tagged in TWITTER handle of blue dart but even they failed to respond.

Citi Bank is defrauding customers by levying delayed charges and interest on super compounding method. It is found that they have charged interest AND delayed payment charged even on NIL dues. They have discontinued credit card in the middle of the year without assigning any reason and appropriated full annual membership. They refuse to reply to the letters of complainant and charge the delayed charges and interest. Poor customers pay all demands though illegal to keep the cibil record clean. Thus CITIBANK is taking undue advantage of customers taking shelter of CIBIL. A fit case for RBI investigation... Meanwhile beware of false social media claims of CITIBANK on the Facebook or elsewhere.

We are in receipt of complaint where TOI is found taking yearly subscription from subscribers and terminate the services in between before completing the period of 12 months. They take subscription amount of Rs 1262 from millions of the subscribers and such termination services could mean misappropriation of huge amounts without delivering the newspaper subscribed. When complaints filed they did not bother to reply even once. The vendor has stopped taking phone calls. Also interesting fact is that the vendors is charging Rs 240 pa for delivery of subscribed paper. Though amount looks very small with regard to one subscriber collectively could be huge if they are doing with many people. Your attention is drawn to the fact before you subscribe such schemes be careful as they will not respond on one to one basis. This is fraud with the people by and large and hence need to come in the public notice.

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