About Us

We were Chamatkar.net and Chamatkar.com earlier. We changed our name to Cni Research Ltd to suit our business as we went global. At the same time we were not able to kill out most popular brand Chamatkar. As advised by international advisors we slowly created brand Cni and switch gears to Cni globally and after finding acceptance from global clients and viewers we changed the name of website to suit our global image to www.cniglobalbiz.com

We have international tie ups with global agencies to distribute our research content to global acclaimed investors through our research reports. This is part of our ongoing effort to make Cni Research from an equity research house to a global content provider on Indian equity. There is no professional agency in India which provides a research content of the international standards. This includes giving forward going research based statements on the behaviour of Indian economy as well as Indian capital market. In the process Cni Research Ltd has developed in house research content which is not only propriety in nature but also unique in helping any investor to take decision on any company listed in India. This is first company in India which provides content of international standard and research based on such content. So far, it is seen that researchers do not have content and content providers do not have strong research based and in that sense Cni has become true representative vehicle of the capital market.

Using the aforesaid content and research CNI Research Ltd has developed no of products which are made available to its 62000 plus viewers. There products include Chakry comments, Reliable Insight, Breaking News, Special Feature, Street Call, Multi baggers, FII sensor etc.

We have impeccable track record of creating awareness among the retail and small investors through these products about the mid and small cap companies which was also the desire of the Finance Ministry and Market regulator. NSE and BSE have tied up with professional private research houses to provide such research for the exchanges so that small and retail investors can rely on them. But for sure professionally Cni Reseach Ltd is true representative of such research for the retail segment.

Since FEB 2008 there is not a single month where the returns from the positions trading call generated by Cni Research Ltd has shown minus results. It is unbelievable that any agency can create 29 months track record of consistency in A gr calls and this is only Cni Research ltd. It is not mean achievement. The result and performance is published every month on the web site for records sake. We believe and wish that small and retail investors should take advantage of this unique never seen before combination of content and research for their advantage is the same manner the global investors are doing it.